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Vergola® lets in the greatest amount of light

Vergola® lets in the greatest amount of light

Maximum natural light, diffused light and full shade for year round entertaining. A fully open VERGOLA® allows 89% of all available light, more than any other louvre system.

Vergola® can create full or partial shade

Vergola® can create full or partial shade

Position the louvres to create shade as the sun moves throughout the day. This means you can entertain or relax in the Bendigo and Central Victoria climates all year round.

Maximum airflow and wind protection

Maximum airflow and wind protection

Maximum airflow for cooling breezes or wind protection for maximum comfort in any weather. VERGOLA® louvres are manufactured to withstand cyclones and comply with building standards - AS1562.00 and AS1170.20.

99.9% weatherproof plus smart rain sensor technology

99.9% weatherproof plus smart rain sensor technology

The interlocking design of VERGOLA® allows the louvres to close into a roof that is 99.9% weatherproof so you can enjoy the outdoors even when it's raining. VERGOLA® also has a state-of-the-art rain sensor that closes the louvres at the onset of rain and can be programmed to stay shut or reopen after rain.

The adjustable roofing system by Vergola® offers a flexible design & configuration

VERGOLA® can be built to any style whether flat, pitched or gabled. Configured with single bays or multiple bays, your VERGOLA® can be designed for the smallest opening or to cover large areas.

Customisation and Integration

Integration - fixed on two sides
Integration - fixed on one sides
Integration - free standing

VERGOLA® adjustable roofing system can be incorporated into a range of structures. VERGOLA® can either be freestanding or part of an existing building.

Integrating VERGOLA® into new home designs or new renovations projects at planning stage enables you to take full advantage of the lifestyle benefits it brings.

VERGOLA® structures fit the most exacting and contemporary architectural designs, while still being able to integrate seamlessly into period styles.

Year round liveability to outdoor spaces while adding value to your home

Patios, terraces, walk ways, yards, carports, barbecue areas, balconies, and swimming pools are some of the places where VERGOLA® creates the ability to enjoy tranquility and create a dynamic entertainment area for family and friends.

  • Controls natural ventilation, light and temperature
  • Enables year round use of outdoor spaces
  • Improves outdoor comfort during hottest hours of day
  • Entertain in the Bendigo climate all year round
  • Automatically closes to provide protection from rain
  • Protects outdoor furniture from the elements
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Watertight guttering and flexible framework

Watertight guttering and flexible framework

Specially designed gutters are fitted along the inside perimeter of the framework to ensure the VERGOLA® structure is watertight, and water is safely run off into downpipes. The gutters are also manufactured using COLORBOND®. The frame can be timber, steel, aluminium or any other structure that complies with local building codes.

Timber allows VERGOLA® to complement pergolas or be integrated into traditional built structures. Steel structures enable a VERGOLA® to be customised in various sizes and architectural styles. In Australia, VERGOLA® structures are generally constructed using preferably galvanized C purlins which allow for long uninterrupted spans.

Made of longer-lasting Australian made COLORBOND®

Made of longer-lasting Australian made COLORBOND®

While other louvre systems use cheaper aluminium alternatives, VERGOLA® continues to use the superior Australian-made BlueScope® COLORBOND® that is the roofing material of choice for nearly half of all new Australian homes and over 80% of all Australian gutters and fascias. With its four layers of protection over the quality steel base, the VERGOLA® louvres are highly resistant to corrosion and maintain their beautiful appearance for longer.

Automated control options

Automated control options

The automated control unit ensures that the VERGOLA® can be operated by remote, which allows smooth and convenient operation of the louvres. Operate up to eight bays individually or automatically. Options include: timers, home automation compatibility and fire system connectivity for commercial premises.


The remote control system for your VERGOLA® may be hand-held or wall-mounted as preferred. It connects electronically to a control box, which is usually located in a concealed place where an automatically recharged backup battery also provides operation of the systems during temporary mains power cuts. The rain sensor is activated to shut the louvres with the first drops of rain. The rain sensor can be deactivated, but the system will be reactivate again after one hour.
Yes. The automatic louvres rotate around its axis (rotation up to 165 degrees). You can rotate them to position to allow different angles of sun and control the shade. Each bay of the automatic VERGOLA® roof system can be adjusted individually. In installations with multiple bays, you can have different areas depending of the inclination angle of the louvres in each bay.
There is no limitation to the size of a VERGOLA® roof system – it can comprise any number of bays. Each bay has a maximum dimension of 6 by 3.6 metres, and up to 8 bays can be controlled by a single control system/remote control. Roof systems comprising of more than 8 bays have multiple controllers.
The shape and design of your VERGOLA® is limited only by your imagination. Typical installations can be flat, pitched or gabled; free standing or attached to another building. Individual VERGOLA® bays can be interspersed with other roof coverings, or installed with alternate orientations – whatever enhances your environment and suits your circumstances.
Yes, the double skinned louvres provide both thermal insulation and sound reduction. The adjustable louvres help to reduce heating and cooling costs by controlling the amount of direct sunlight falling on exposed windows and walls. Your VERGOLA® keeps the space beneath cooler in summer, and in winter can be used to trap natural warmth from the sun, as well as protecting against wind and rain.
Yes. Under normal weather conditions, even steady rain, your VERGOLA® itself will not let rain in. In light rain, the louvres can remain partially open for ventilation if you wish, but for heavier rain, the fully closed position will block out rain with the louvres overlapping each other. As these panels are usually installed horizontally, they may drop water from the middle parts of the screen, as well as the ends, especially when it is opened after a rainfall. But rainproof does not mean totally waterproof – remember a VERGOLA® is an adjustable, opening roof. Low angle, high pressure jets of water can force themselves between the louvres or around the guttering. Above all, it should be remembered that a VERGOLA® is not and cannot be as waterproof as a conventional fixed and tiled roof. Whilst your open VERGOLA® brings the benefits of an “indoor-outdoor area”, it is not 100% proof against severe weather conditions.
The VERGOLA® electronic control system includes a rain sensor and the control system is normally programmed to close the louvres when rain is detected. The sensor is very sensitive to protect against the first drops of rain. This means it may be triggered, for example, by a heavy mist or dew or putting a wet hand over it. The rain sensor operates as the windscreen of some cars, it activates automatically when detecting humidity on the glass.
The rain detector can be over-ridden. This is important when the VERGOLA® is being cleaned, but we also find some clients want to let in rain water, for example to water pot plants on a covered terrace. A warning light shows if the rain detector is disabled.
The easiest way to clean a VERGOLA® is to gently wash it down with a garden hose. Occasional rain will do the job for you, but otherwise gentle mopping (with car body detergent if appropriate) can be used to remove bird droppings and other debris. We find that clients with installations such as patios with garden furniture, or outdoor cafes, tend to hose down their VERGOLA® at the same time as they are washing down the rest of the area. The rain sensor will need to be switched off, of course.
If your VERGOLA® is installed over a sensitive area (such as delicate fabric, electronics or a kitchen) then using a hose or uncontrolled spray is not an option, and more care must be taken. With the louvres set to vertical, both sides can be cleaned with a damp mop on a pole. The rain sensor should still be switched off so that the louvres do not unexpectedly close.
VERGOLA® roofing systems are available in a range of COLORBOND® colours - Surfmist, Classic Cream, Paperbark, Shell Grey, Woodland Grey and a new metallic Cosmic that provides an aluminium type finish.
If clients wish to have another colour, a complete range is available through powder-coating the louvres and other components. However in this case, we can only pass on the length of guarantee offered by the local powder-coating company, which is typically around 2 years.

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